The to-do list web-app for overworked hackers.

The tl;dr: this is a completely free, awesome to-do list web-app that you can try without even registering. It saves you from drowning in your to-do list and relieves stress by alternating work and play. To the app!

todo. is a web application that lets you create a to-do list. It's designed specifically for overworked hackers (like myself), and was born as a weekend hack project.

todo. aims to solve two problems:

  1. The 'I have so much to do, where do I start' problem. When your to-do list starts growing, you'll inevitably end up in a state where you have so many things in your list, that it seems impossible to even start on it. This leads to inability to choose a task to work on, which in turn leads to procrastination, which in turn makes the problem even bigger. todo. solves this by selecting a task for you to work on - one that, if it is something work-related, cannot be skipped until it's done.
  2. The stress during hobby projects from having so much work to do. When you schedule your own time and you have a lot to do, you'll most likely end up feeling stressed about work even during your own hobby projects. To really cool down outside work time, you'll need to have a separation between 'work' and 'play'. todo. attempts to solve this problem by alternating between tasks that you want to do, and tasks that you have to do.

You can start using todo. straight away - you don't even have to register to try it out! When you decide you like it, you can register a (free!) account with just a username and a password, and your existing to-do list items will be saved to your new account. We don't even need to know your e-mail address! Click here to try out todo.!

Contact me via any of the various available methods:

Like all my projects, this project is open-source (and licensed under the WTFPL). While setup documentation is currently a bit lacking, you can find the source code on GitHub, and you can set it up using PHP, any HTTPd of choice, and the equivalent of FallbackResource or server.error-handler-404 for that HTTPd. You'll also need to clone the CPHP repository, so the symlink resolves. Happy hacking!

Now for the technical details... this project is built using:

Now the question that quite some people will inevitably ask: how do I keep this running? I accept donations via Bitcoin, PayPal, and Flattr :)